As a means to increase and facilitate postal activity, a new system was introduced to regulate the acceptance of bulk consignments received from establishments and banks with an overall aim to unify the operations and the process of accepting mail consignments for both incoming mail and post offices.

Service Goals:

  • To be at par with the continuous developments in the postal and communication sector and to fulfill individuals’ and companies’ requirements.
  • To facilitate the process of dispatching commercial correspondence exchanged between establishments and their clients which include:
    • Commercial correspondence (e.g. banking transactions)
    • Questionnaires and surveys
    • Subscription cards
    • Applications for newspaper and magazine subscriptions

The Reply Paid Stamp (per unit):

  • Subscribers to this service must obtain a permit to use the reply paid stamp in order to facilitate the process of receiving correspondence.
  • The stamp must show the permit number in order to determine the sender’s identity (e.g. bank, establishment, etc.); the beneficiary will be held responsible for any misuse.


Charges and Postage Rates:

  • Senders including institutions, companies, banks, educational institutes, individuals and others, shall bear the postage rates imposed on postal items upon delivery if they specify such agreement in advance with Bahrain Post; whereby senders may request the delivery of postal items free of charges and Postage Rates upon post.
  • Senders shall pay the clearance charges of their postal items in the Establishments Mail Unit at the Sorting Center in Muharraq; all correspondence and applicable rates per unit item will be charged as per the tariff provided in the below table.
  • All mail items holding the ‘Reply Paid’ stamp shall be considered fully cleared.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. This service is available for domestic mail only.

  2. Only the stamp authorised by Bahrain Post should be used by the sender.

  3. Incoming mail items must include the sender’s address inside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

  4. All mail limits and restrictions (e.g. weight, dimension) shall be in accordance with the Universal Postal Convention.

  5. Prohibited and immoral items along with items banned by local and international regulations shall not be accepted.
WeightPostage Rates
From 1 – 20 grams BHD 0.200
From 21 – 40 grams BHD 0.250
From 41 – 60 grams BHD 0.300
From 61 – 100 grams BHD 0.350
From 101 – 250 grams BHD 0.450
From 251 – 500 grams BHD 0.600
From 501 – 750 grams BHD 0.700
From 751 – 1000 grams BHD 0.800
From 1001 – 1500 grams BHD 1.000
From 1501 – 2000 grams BHD 1.200

*Additional 500 fils to be added in case of using registered mail