The Barid Mumtaz offers express delivery of letters, documents, and packages including commercial materials, samples, gifts, deeds and other items that can be tracked and traced.


Service Features:

  • Serves as a fast, efficient, and reliable service which includes options for delivery directly to offices or hand-to-hand delivery at competitive prices and free comprehensive insurance on all mailings (with the exception of electronic items). The service also offers compensation in case of loss, misuse, or unjustified delay (terms and conditions apply).
  • The Barid Mumtaz network covers all GCC countries, Arab counties,  most European countries, most of African countries, as well as the United States, South-East Asia, Australia and Japan.
  • Registered subscribers may choose to have their mail collected and delivered directly to and from their offices or residence by calling a Barid Mumtaz office.


Available Services:

  • Regular Service: This service is offered to individuals and companies who send letters, parcels and other mail items on a regular basis as per a specific pickup and delivery timetable.

  • On-demand Service: This service is offered to individuals or companies with irregular mail requirements with the option of arranging call-and-collect pickup and delivery services.



  • Customers can subscribe to the service by completing the applicable application form available at all Post Offices. Customers will then be provided with a registration number at the sorting centre.
  • Unregistered customers can make use of this service by visiting any of the Post Office outlets to send their mailings.


 Terms and Conditions:

  1. Items that are mailed via Barid Mumtaz should be packed properly according to weight, size, shape, content, and terms and conditions of carriage.

  2. The name, address and phone number of the recipient and sender and all other required information must be completed fully.

  3. All mail items must fulfill the weight and dimensions required terms and conditions.

  4. All fees are to be paid in advance.


 First 500 gramsFor each extra 1-500 grams
Bahrain Local Mail BHD 1.000 BHD 0.300
GCC countries BHD 7.000 BHD 1.000
Other Arab Countries BHD 8.000 BHD 1.000
Europe BHD 9.000 BHD 3.000
South Eastern Asia BHD 9.000 BHD 3.000
North & Latin America BHD 10.000 BHD 3.000
Australia & New Zealand BHD 10.000 BHD 4.000