This service allows customers to report a change of address or redirect mail (private mail box or residence) so as to ensure that subsequent correspondence is delivered to the correct address.


Service Features:

  1. Allows customers to change their correspondence address (private mail box or residence) inside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

  2. Allows international companies based in the Kingdom of Bahrain to address their international correspondences easily.



  1. Please request to subscribe to the service for a specific time period by paying the associated service fees. For more information on rental charges, please refer to the below table.

  2. Terms and Conditions apply.


Required PeriodPostal Postage Rates
3 Months BHD 3.000
6 Months BHD 5.000
12 Months BHD 10.000

Bahrain Post offers P.O. Box services that serve as an efficient, secure, and reliable means to manage and receive mail. Individuals and businesses can rent a mailbox at any of the designated Post Offices across the country.


Service Features:

  • Allows customers to collect correspondence at the time of their convenience.
  • Mail is easily delivered to recipients.
  • Mail items are stored in case the post box owner is out of the country.
  • Customers have access to promotional and marketing material distributed in their boxes.



  • To subscribe, please fill out the appropriate application form available at all Post Office branches, present an identity card with a valid address, and pay the annual rental fee.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.


For more information on the rental fees, please refer to the below table.

 Personal PurposesCommercial Purposes
Rent Per Annum BHD 15.000 BHD 50.000
Fixing new locks and keys BHD 15.000 BHD 15.000

The registered mail service for letters and parcels allows senders to register their mail so they can retrieve it in case it is not delivered to the addressed.

Service features:

  • The bar code allows the customer to track their mail item. 
  • The customer will be able to track their item and know when it is delivered.



  • Upon submitting your letter/ parcel, please inform the agent that you wish to send it via registered mail.
  • Pay associated fee.


Local Postage Rates for Letters

WeightPostage Rates
From 1 – 20 grams BHD 0.710
From 21 – 40 grams BHD 0.760
From 41 – 60 grams BHD 0.810
From 61 – 100 grams BHD 0.860
From 101 – 250 grams BHD 0.960
From 251 – 500 grams BHD 1.110
From 501 – 750 grams BHD 1.210
From 751 – 1000 grams BHD 1.310
From 1001 – 1500 grams BHD 1.510
From 1501 – 2000 grams BHD 1.710

International Airmail Postage Rates for Letters

WeightZone AZone BZone CZone D
From 1 - 20 grams BHD 0.810 BHD 0.860 BHD 1.010 BHD 1.110
From 21 - 40 grams BHD 0.860 BHD 0.935 BHD 1.135 BHD 1.260
From 41 - 60 grams BHD 0.910 BHD 1.010 BHD 1.260 BHD 1.410
From 61 - 100 grams BHD 1.010 BHD 1.160 BHD 1.510 BHD 1.710
From 101 - 250 grams BHD 1.510 BHD 1.710 BHD 2.510 BHD 2.910
From 251 - 500 grams BHD 2.260 BHD 2.710 BHD 4.010 BHD 4.510
From 501 - 750 grams BHD 3.010 BHD 3.710 BHD 5.510 BHD 6.260
From 751 - 1000 grams BHD 3.710 BHD 4.710 BHD 7.010 BHD 8.010
From 1001 - 1500 grams BHD 5.100 BHD 6.710 BHD 9.760 BHD 11.510
From 1501 - 2000 grams BHD 6.510 BHD 8.510 BHD 12.510 BHD 14.510


The Barid Mumtaz offers express delivery of letters, documents, and packages including commercial materials, samples, gifts, deeds and other items that can be tracked and traced.


Service Features:

  • Serves as a fast, efficient, and reliable service which includes options for delivery directly to offices or hand-to-hand delivery at competitive prices and free comprehensive insurance on all mailings (with the exception of electronic items). The service also offers compensation in case of loss, misuse, or unjustified delay (terms and conditions apply).
  • The Barid Mumtaz network covers all GCC countries, Arab counties,  most European countries, most of African countries, as well as the United States, South-East Asia, Australia and Japan.
  • Registered subscribers may choose to have their mail collected and delivered directly to and from their offices or residence by calling a Barid Mumtaz office.


Available Services:

  • Regular Service: This service is offered to individuals and companies who send letters, parcels and other mail items on a regular basis as per a specific pickup and delivery timetable.

  • On-demand Service: This service is offered to individuals or companies with irregular mail requirements with the option of arranging call-and-collect pickup and delivery services.



  • Customers can subscribe to the service by completing the applicable application form available at all Post Offices. Customers will then be provided with a registration number at the sorting centre.
  • Unregistered customers can make use of this service by visiting any of the Post Office outlets to send their mailings.


 Terms and Conditions:

  1. Items that are mailed via Barid Mumtaz should be packed properly according to weight, size, shape, content, and terms and conditions of carriage.

  2. The name, address and phone number of the recipient and sender and all other required information must be completed fully.

  3. All mail items must fulfill the weight and dimensions required terms and conditions.

  4. All fees are to be paid in advance.


 First 500 gramsFor each extra 1-500 grams
Bahrain Local Mail BHD 1.000 BHD 0.300
GCC countries BHD 7.000 BHD 1.000
Other Arab Countries BHD 8.000 BHD 1.000
Europe BHD 9.000 BHD 3.000
South Eastern Asia BHD 9.000 BHD 3.000
North & Latin America BHD 10.000 BHD 3.000
Australia & New Zealand BHD 10.000 BHD 4.000

As a means to increase and facilitate postal activity, a new system was introduced to regulate the acceptance of bulk consignments received from establishments and banks with an overall aim to unify the operations and the process of accepting mail consignments for both incoming mail and post offices.

Service Goals:

  • To be at par with the continuous developments in the postal and communication sector and to fulfill individuals’ and companies’ requirements.
  • To facilitate the process of dispatching commercial correspondence exchanged between establishments and their clients which include:
    • Commercial correspondence (e.g. banking transactions)
    • Questionnaires and surveys
    • Subscription cards
    • Applications for newspaper and magazine subscriptions

The Reply Paid Stamp (per unit):

  • Subscribers to this service must obtain a permit to use the reply paid stamp in order to facilitate the process of receiving correspondence.
  • The stamp must show the permit number in order to determine the sender’s identity (e.g. bank, establishment, etc.); the beneficiary will be held responsible for any misuse.


Charges and Postage Rates:

  • Senders including institutions, companies, banks, educational institutes, individuals and others, shall bear the postage rates imposed on postal items upon delivery if they specify such agreement in advance with Bahrain Post; whereby senders may request the delivery of postal items free of charges and Postage Rates upon post.
  • Senders shall pay the clearance charges of their postal items in the Establishments Mail Unit at the Sorting Center in Muharraq; all correspondence and applicable rates per unit item will be charged as per the tariff provided in the below table.
  • All mail items holding the ‘Reply Paid’ stamp shall be considered fully cleared.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. This service is available for domestic mail only.

  2. Only the stamp authorised by Bahrain Post should be used by the sender.

  3. Incoming mail items must include the sender’s address inside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

  4. All mail limits and restrictions (e.g. weight, dimension) shall be in accordance with the Universal Postal Convention.

  5. Prohibited and immoral items along with items banned by local and international regulations shall not be accepted.
WeightPostage Rates
From 1 – 20 grams BHD 0.200
From 21 – 40 grams BHD 0.250
From 41 – 60 grams BHD 0.300
From 61 – 100 grams BHD 0.350
From 101 – 250 grams BHD 0.450
From 251 – 500 grams BHD 0.600
From 501 – 750 grams BHD 0.700
From 751 – 1000 grams BHD 0.800
From 1001 – 1500 grams BHD 1.000
From 1501 – 2000 grams BHD 1.200

*Additional 500 fils to be added in case of using registered mail