How can I locate branches?

The branch locator provides information on all Bahrain Post branch locations and opening hours. To view branch locations please click here.

Do you deliver to physical address or P.O. Boxes?

Bahrain Post delivers to both physical address and P.O. Boxes and delivers according to the address provided on the mailing item.

How can I track my mail/package?

The tracking service is available for any mailings that are dispatched via registered mail or the Express Mail Services (EMS).

Is a photo ID required when picking up mail or package?

A photo ID is required when receiving parcels that are mailed via registered mail (letters and parcels) and Express Mail Services (EMS).

What do I need to qualify for applying for P.O. Box?

The applicable form will need to be filled out (these are available at all post office branches), personal identification (e.g. CPR). For corporate P.O. Boxes, a copy of the Commercial Registration is also required.

How should mail/packages be addressed (what are the addressing requirements)

The following are required when addressing your mailings:

For physical address deliveries:
Name of Recipient
Company Name (if addressed to a company/business)
Flat/Villa Number
Building/Complex Number (if applicable)
Road Number/Name
Block Number
Area Name
Contact Number 

For P.O. Box Deliveries:
Name of Recipient
Company Name (if addressed to a company)
P.O. Box Number
Contact Number

When are deliveries usually done?

Deliveries are done between 7am to 7pm from Saturday to Thursday. No deliveries are made during national holidays.

Do you offer a collect service?

A collect service is offered as part of the Express Mail Services (EMS) as follows:

  • Regular Service: This service is offered to individuals and companies who send letters, parcels and other mail items on a regular basis as per a specific pickup and delivery timetable.
  • On-demand Service: This service is offered to individuals or companies with irregular mail requirements with the option of arranging call-and-collect pickup and delivery services.

Customers can subscribe to the service by completing the applicable application form available at all Post Offices. Customers will then be provided with a registration number.

Unregistered customers can make use of this service by visiting any of the Post Office outlets to send their mailings.

What are the different ways mail/packages are priced?

Mailings are categorized as letters and parcels with different pricing according to the mail service selected (e.g. registered mail, express mail service, etc). For more information on prices, please click here.

How long do mail/packages get retained before being sent back to the sender?

Mail/packages are retained for one month before being returned back to the sender.

Are re-deliveries made if no one accepts mail/package during the initial delivery?

Three re-delivery attempts are made and the package is then retained for one month before being returned back to the sender.

Where can I buy postage stamps from?

Commemorative and special stamps are offered for sale to customers of postal stamps for a period of no more than 6 months from the date of issue and are available for purchase at any Bahrain Post outlet. Stamp collectors may obtain the stamps from the Philatelic Bureau during a maximum period of two years from the date of issue. For more information on the Philatelic Bureau, please click here.

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