This service can be used to send any regular letters to any address ​in the Kingdom.

As per the weight and the region or the country to which the mailing is sent, go to the Price Calculator.

Delivery period inside the Kingdom:

  • 5 working days.


This service allows customers to report a change of address or redirect mail (private mail box or residence) so as to ensure that subsequent correspondence is delivered to the correct address.


Service Features:

  1. Allows customers to change their correspondence address (private mail box or residence) inside the Kingdom of Bahrain.

  2. Allows international companies based in the Kingdom of Bahrain to address their international correspondences easily.



  1. Please request to subscribe to the service for a specific time period by paying the associated service fees. For more information on rental charges, please refer to the below table.

  2. Terms and Conditions apply.

Required PeriodPostal Postage Rates
3 Months BHD 3.000
6 Months BHD 5.000
12 Months BHD 10.000

The Advice of Delivery (AD) is an additional service provided for mailing letters, packages and registered mail, at a fixed rate at 300 fils for each receipt notice for local and international mailing as a confirmation of delivery to the addressee.

Terms of service:

The AD card contains a notification of delivery signature attached with the registered letter, packages and express mail to the consignee or his representative in the case of receipt. The AD card is returned to the sender once signed to confirm receipt.

Bahrain Post offers P.O. Box services that serve as an efficient, secure, and reliable means to manage and receive mail. Individuals and businesses can rent a mailbox at any of the designated Post Offices across the country.


Service Features:

  • Allows customers to collect correspondence at the time of their convenience.
  • Mail is easily delivered to recipients.
  • Mail items are stored in case the post box owner is out of the country.
  • Customers have access to promotional and marketing material distributed in their boxes.



  • To subscribe, please fill out the appropriate application form available at all Post Office branches, present an identity card with a valid address, and pay the annual rental fee.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.


For more information on the rental fees, please refer to the below table.

 Personal PurposesCommercial Purposes
Rent Per Annum BHD 15.000 BHD 50.000
Fixing new locks and keys BHD 15.000 BHD 15.000

Postal services provide a local and international mailing service, which includes options for delivery as follows:

  • Directly to post offices or delivery hand to hand as per the Universal Postal Union (UPU) regulations and laws at competitive prices.

  • Any damage or loss during the delivery is compensated depending on the UPU regulations and laws

  • Covers all Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Arab states, most of the European countries, most of the African countries, as well as the United States, Southeast Asia, Australia and Japan.

  • Terms and conditions apply.

Terms of service:

  • Parcel must not contain hazardous materials, liquid or flammable and high-value.
  • Parcel must not exceed the weight of 30 kg.
  • Title should contain the right addressee
  • The sender bears the consequences of returning postal parcel in case of breach of conditions.


Delivery period inside the Kingdom:

  • Within 72 Hours

Delivery period for Zone A:

  • 3 – 6 working days

Zone B:

  • 6 – 10 working days

Zone C:

  • 6 – 10 working days

Zone D:

  • 6 – 15 working days


Local Postage Rates for Parcels

WeightPostage Rates
2 Kg BHD 1.200
5 Kg BHD 2.400
10 Kg BHD 4.400
15 Kg BHD 6.400
20 Kg BHD 8.400
For each additional 1-100 grams of the above-mentioned weights. BHD 0.200


International Airmail Postage Rates for Parcels

WeightZone AZone BZone CZone D 
2 Kg BHD 6.000 BHD 8.000 BHD 12.000 BHD 14.000
5 Kg BHD 7.500 BHD 12.500 BHD 21.000 BHD 29.000
10 Kg BHD 10.000 BHD 20.000 BHD 36.000 BHD 54.000
15 Kg BHD 12.500 BHD 27.500 BHD 51.000 BHD 79.000
20 Kg BHD 15.000 BHD 35.000 BHD 66.000 BHD 104.000
For each additional 1-100 grams of the above mentioned weights. BHD 0.250+ BHD 0.750+ BHD 1.500+ BHD 2.500+